Green Science and Technology


Green Science and Technology is a broad term that refers to the application of science and technology to produce environmentally friendly goods and services. Green technology is related to cleantech, which refers to products or services that increase operational performance while lowering costs, reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, or reducing negative environmental effects.

Words of Wisdom

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology” – Carl Sagan

“Suppose that climate change is not real and all we do is adopt green technologies, which our economy and our technology is perfectly capable of. Then, all we’ve done is given our kids a cleaner world” – John McCain

“It wasn’t science and technology that cause a slow progress, but collective knowledge of the society and market demands.” – Toba Beta

Goals of Green Science and Technology

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Conserving Energy

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Rejuvenating Ecosystem

The Power of Positive Green Thinking

       Here are a few reasons why going green is beneficial to everyone:

  • Green innovations and clean technologies are good for business, as inventors should know.
  • Green innovations can help consumers save money on energy bills and are always safer and healthier than their non-green counterparts.
  • Drinking plenty of water is healthy, so switching from reusable to disposable water bottles is also beneficial to your health, and the environment.


Aids in the management and recycling of garbage.

Conserving Energy

The use of such technology helps to conserve energy.

Rejuvenating Ecosystem

Assists in preventing the extinction of many plant and animal species.

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